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With premium converters, Macro-MMC clocking, and high-end analog circuits, the Black Lion Revolution 2X2 interface delivers pro-quality sound at a low price.

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Black Lion Audio Revolution 2×2 delivers the ultimate in portable recording interfaces. Revolution isn’t another run-of-the-mill interface from big brother — it’s the interface the world has always asked for.

The best sound you’ve heard

The most revolutionary thing to note about Revolution 2×2 is its sound quality: the sound of large, high-end converters that cost thousands of dollars is now available in a product that can fit in your hand — and not break the bank.

Revolution uses “Macro-MMC” Clocking technology, which is based off of Black Lion Audio’s numerous clocking products and modifications. Macro-MMC’s circuit implementation brings converters to new heights; well beyond what’s been seen in other recording interfaces. Black Lion Audio also assembled their finest A/D//D/A technology, giving you the record-making power you’ve never had before in an interface this small, portable, and affordable.

Watch producer Mike Watts record a song entirely through a BLA Revolution 2×2 interface and two Avantone Pro CV-12BLA microphones:


Top-tier analog design

Hi-fi digital design alone isn’t enough to cut it — it takes a serious analog circuit for the very best capture and playback. Revolution 2×2 is built with the most cutting edge, high- end ICs. High-end Vishay, Nichicon, and Wima capacitors are used throughout the entire circuit. All internal gain-staging has been optimized for the very lowest signal-to- noise ratio. All of the analog I/O has not only been built with the finest components, but are fully decoupled and balanced — right to the very core of the convertor! Most manufacturers do not follow this practice, and that allows extra noise contamination during both capture and playback.


Revolution also employs “PG-i” technology internally, based off of Black Lion Audio’s experience in engineering their “best-of-class” power conditioners. All power rails are highly filtered in every active stage across Revolution 2×2 — something that isn’t even found in the most well-respected, high-end equipment. Power is decoupled across the entire circuit: the preamplifiers, the convertors, the internal power, and even the clock. This majorly helps reduce noise contamination from other equipment that is plugged into Revolution 2×2.

A complete software suite

A revolutionary interface needs life-changing software to boot, and Revolution 2×2 delivers. The Revolution Software Suite covers all of your needs, from DAW to plugins.

The Revolution Software Suite starts with PreSonus Studio One Artist — the cutting edge DAW for all of your production needs. But if that wasn’t enough, it also includes select plugins from Izotope, Brainworx, and Lindell.


– Modded out of the box — all of Black Lion Audio’s famous interface mods are here, without the need to ever improve that hardware
– Sound quality that was previously only found in the very most high-end and costly equipment
– 2 preamps, 2 analog outputs, 2 analog inputs / 2×2 simultaneous
– Extremely portable, and bus-powered via USB
– Incredible internal clocking with “Macro-MMC” clocking technology
– High-end Vishay, Nichicon, and Wima capaciters, and high-end ICs
– An incredibly low signal-to-noise ratio
– All inputs and outputs are fully decoupled and balanced in a way only seen in high-end equipment
– Internal “PG-i” technology reduces noise contamination from external equipment
– Includes PreSonus Studio One Artist, as well as plug-ins from Izotope, Brainworx, and Lindell

It took an impressive amount of design to revolutionize bus-powered, studio-grade interfaces. Black Lion Audio have been revered as the “king of audio mods” for years, and have modded countless recording interfaces over the years. But since the very beginning, they have been asked when they would create their own interface. So, they planned, engineered, and worked — all in secret, for years.


Specifikacija Mic Input
• Input Impedance = 3KΩ (balanced)
• Gain Range = 55dB
• Frequency Response = 20Hz – 20KHz +/- 0.25dB
• THD + N = .00098% (@12dB Gain)
• Dynamic Range = 116dB (A-Weighted)
• Crosstalk = < 100dB

Line Input
• Input Impedance = 14KΩ (balanced)
• Maximum Input = 20dBu
• Gain Range = 55dB
• Frequency Response = 20Hz – 20KHz +/- 0.25dB
• THD + N = .0022% (Min Gain)
• Dynamic Range = 126dB (A-Weighted)
• Crosstalk = < 100dB

Line Outputs
• Output Impedance = 95Ω (balanced)
• Max Output Level = 12dBu
• Frequency Response = 20Hz – 20KHz +/- 0.25dB
• THD+N = .002% (@ +10dBu)
• Dynamic Range = 106dB**

Instrument Input
• Input Impedance = 1MΩ (unbalanced)
• Gain Range = 55dB
• Frequency Response = 20Hz – 20KHz +/- 0.25dB
• THD + N = .00114% (@ 0dBu)
• Dynamic Range = 103dB (A-Weighted)
• Crosstalk = < 100dB

Headphone Outputs
• Output Impedance = 2.5Ω
• Maximum Signal Output = 9.3dBu
• Frequency Response = 20Hz – 20KHz +/- 0.5dB



Black Lion Audio

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