Clayton Ultem Gold STD

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Ultem Guitar Picks, Standard, 1.20mm Gauge, Matte Finish

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Since the 1980s, Clayton has rocked the guitar world with their amazing selection of guitar picks. Clayton manufactures their picks from start to finish in their factory in (appropriately named) Talent, OR. They offer a treasure trove of pick materials, shapes, and gauges. Your pick is a major component of your sound. The shape, material, and thickness defines your note attack and tone. The surface feel is also a highly personal choice (you don’t want your pick flying out of your fingers at an inopportune moment). Sweetwater offers a huge selection of Clayton picks. One of the strongest guitar picks available, Ultem picks are made of the top-grade material to give you crisp clean tone – even on old strings. These picks produce a sound similar to that of tortoiseshell.


Clayton Ultem Standard Guitar Picks Features at a Glance:

  • Material: Ultem
  • Shape: standard
  • Gauge: 1.20mm
  • Quantity: 12
  • Made in the USA


Specifikacija Shape: Standard
Gauge: 1.20mm
Material: Ultem
Quantity: 12
Manufacturer Part Number: US120/12




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