Kemper Profiler Player

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Pedal with 10 Banks of 5 Rigs, 4 FX Slots, Liquid Profiles, IR Loading, MIDI, Bluetooth, USB, Audio Interface, Tuner, Noise Gate, and Rig Manager

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Roughly the cumulative size of two standard stompboxes, the Kemper Profiler Player Pedalboard Profiler is a portable powerhouse that transforms your pedalboard into a world-class performing rig. Boasting one of the most impressive size-to-function ratios in the industry, the Profiler Player supplies the exact same arsenal of Kemper amp tones as its larger siblings, boasting ten banks with five rigs each. What about effects? The Profiler Player’s 4 FX draw from an expertly curated selection of 136 effect settings from the Kemper Profiler FX stable, supplying everything from studio-grade reverbs to rotary speakers and beyond. Furthermore, Kemper’s Rig Manager software allows you to dig deep into the Player Profiler’s nearly endless level of sonic depth. And that’s not even the half of it. Factor in Liquid Profiles, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, MIDI functionality, IR loading, audio interface capabilities, immaculate noise gate, and a high-power headphone out, and the Kemper Profiler marks a pint-sized revolution in the ever-evolving realm of amp modeling.

Small size, big tones

A fraction of the size of its larger Kemper siblings, the Profiler Player makes no compromises when it comes to tone. This pedal can load any amp profile from Kemper’s free and commercial libraries and deliver them with the same world-class sound that’s made the company a household name.

Take advantage of Liquid Profiling technology

The Profiler Player harnesses the power of Liquid Profiling technology, seamlessly merging Kemper’s profiling ecosystem with the infinite adjustability of modern modeling technology. While the Kempers of yore provided a stunningly realistic sonic snapshot of the world’s most iconic amplifiers, Liquid Profiling ups the ante by capturing the tone stack and gain structure of your desired amp model. It all adds up to a supremely amp-like tonal experience that not only captures the sound of your favorite amp model, but also precisely replicates that amp’s tone-shaping workflow and saturation behavior.

A pint-sized powerhouse

Clocking in at just about the size of two standard stompboxes, the Kemper Profiler Player is designed to slot onto the most compact pedalboards. Still, it doesn’t give up an inch in the functionality department. This dynamo boasts full MIDI functionality, an XLR-out to go to the front of house, the ability to serve as an audio interface, USB, Wi-Fi, expression pedal inputs, and more. In other words, the Profiler Player is destined to become the centerpiece of your rig.

In addition to all the bells and whistles, one quality greatly impresses Sweetwater guitarists: a remarkably intuitive workflow. Once you’ve dialed in your amp and effects of choice, the Player Profiler functions much like any other stompbox, with dedicated knobs for the 3-band EQ, noise gate, master volume, and three handy assignable footswitches for hands-free control onstage.





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