Ketron SD40 modul

Original price was: 120,000ден.Current price is: 114,900ден.


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As an expander version of the Ketron SD7, the Italian manufacturer offers the SD40 Arranger Module. This is an arranger and player module that has been specially developed for use with digital pianos, midi accordions or master keyboards. Equipped with professional sound generation, a large audio drum library and very elaborately programmed styles, it meets the highest demands both for live use and for use in the studio or at home.

Large selection of high-quality sounds

The Ketron SD40 offers a wide range of high-quality sounds. These range from a stereo grand piano, various orchestral voices, new brass and sax sounds to various guitars and basses. Also included in the SD40 is a wide selection of tonewheel organ sounds with a faithful reproduction of the classic Rotary effect.

Styles for every style of music

The SD40 has a professional arranger section that includes 260 styles and a library of more than 300 Latin percussion grooves and 200 audio drums. Each style consists of 4 variations with 4 fills, 4 breaks, 3 intros and 3 endings. The SD40’s auto accompaniment is designed so that you can change the voices, volume and effects of each style in just a few steps and then save them as a USER style. An innovation in the SD40 is style modeling, which allows hundreds of audio drums, grooves, bass lines, piano, guitar and orchestra tracks to be selected from the internal modeling library in no time at all. Different musical genres can be easily combined by simply exchanging sounds and patterns.

Become a DJ with the integrated player

The SD40 has a professional player that can play MP3, MP4, WAV or Midi files. Functions such as cross fade, lead mute and various song search options are available. Lyrics, text and karaoke can be shown on the display of the device, or can also be visualized on an external monitor thanks to a DVi connection. So nothing stands in the way of the karaoke party anymore. Become a DJ for the next party or event with the SD40


Specifikacija 668 Sounds
368 User voices
260 Styles
128 Voice polyphony
Colour display
Audio Multitrack Player
Internal 16 GB SSD
Master keyboard mode
Accordion style mode
Accordion classic mode
Guitar mode with Efx (thru input)
4 Memory banks with 1024 Registration slots
Professional player
Playback of MP3, MIDI (different formats with lyrics), WAV, FLV, CDG, MP4, AVI, M4A, JPG, TXT files
1x USB to host
3x USB to device
SD card reader
Microphone connector
Headphone connector
Foot switch connector suitable for Ketron FS6 and FS13
MIDI IN/Out/Thru
DVI port for external monitor
Dimensions: 320 x 180 x 10 mm
Weight: 2 kg




Ketron SD40 modul
Original price was: 120,000ден.Current price is: 114,900ден.

Достапно по нарачка

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