PreSonus AIR 12


1,200W Active PA Speaker with Hybrid Class D/Class AB Amplifier, 12″ LF Driver, 1.35″ High-frequency Driver, 2 Combo XLR/TRS Inputs, 1/8″ Stereo Input, and Onboard DSP

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The PreSonus Air12 active PA speaker is compact and lightweight, but it produces extended lows and natural-sounding highs. A 12″ woofer and 1.35″ tweeter are powered by 1,200 watts delivered by an innovative Class D/Class AB hybrid amplifier. The Class D efficiently drives the Air12’s low end, while the Class AB yields smooth, natural high-frequency response. Built-in presets for front of house, wedge placement, music playback, enhanced low end, and improved speech intelligibility make common applications a piece of cake, and onboard EQ controls tailor the Air12 to your room. Appreciated by Sweetwater’s mobile DJs and installation engineers, the PreSonus Air12 active PA speaker delivers excellent performance in a modestly-sized package.A 12″ speaker cone moves a lot of air, so the amplifier driving it has got to be beefy. The Air12’s Class D amp is up to the task, sending up to 900 dedicated low-end watts through the 2.5″ voice coil for rich, powerful bass. The Air12 features a crossover set at 1.6kHz, leaving the 1.35″ HF compression driver free to make the most of its 300W — handling only the upper mids and highs. The result is optimal sound quality that Sweetwater live sound gurus were quick to appreciate.

Want to simplify your life? Presonus has your “Easy” button. The Air12 employs simple, user-friendly signal processing accessible through a bright LCD display on the rear panel. With its great-sounding presets, you can tailor the AIR12’s response for front-of-house, monitor wedge, and music playback/DJ applications. You can also press a button to enhance bass response, generate a warmer audio vibe, and optimize the speaker’s parameters for the human voice/public address. with +/- 10dB bass and trebel EQ and location presets for stand or bracket mounting or flown installations, the Presonus Air12 delivers simple solutions to all your live mixing problems.


Specifikacija Ultra-lightweight 1,200W 2-way active PA loudspeaker
Onboard mixer with 2 XLR/TRS combo inputs and stereo 1/8" input
Class D efficiently drives the 12" low-frequency driver
Class AB powers the 1.35" high-frequency driver for smooth, natural-sounding highs
Convenient performance presets for front of house, wedge placement, music playback, enhanced low end, and improved speech intelligibility
Onboard EQ controls tailor the sound to your room
Location presets optimize performance for stand and bracket mounting and flown installations




PreSonus AIR 12

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