RME Fireface UCX

Достапно со нарачка
Додајте го производот во кошничка и комплетирајте ја нарачката. Ќе ве контактираме во најбрз можен рок.

The Fireface UCX II brings premium conversion, 20 channels of digital I/O, and high-performance clocking all to a half-rack space!


The Fireface UCX II is a highly integrated pro audio solution in an ultra-compact format for studio and live recordings.

It continues RME’s long tradition of designing compact advanced interfaces, packing into a half-rack size unit what usually would be spread out over two or three 19 inch panels.

With up to 20 channels record and 20 channels playback, SteadyClock FS, high performance microphone inputs, Parametric EQ, Dynamics processing, Echo, Reverb, (DURec) Direct USB Recording, MIDI I/O, a powerful headphone output and full stand-alone operation the Fireface UCX II excels with the highest feature to space ratio ever.


– Full stand-alone functionality
– DURec integrated digital recorder allows you to record directly to USB memory devices
– All 40 input and output channels can be individually chosen for recording and playback
– CV/Gate low latency voltage control
– SteadyClock FS reference class digital clocking
– USB Out for ARC USB
– Compatible with TotalMix FX for iPad


Specifikacija - Connectivity:
-20 Input / 20 Output channels
-8 x Analog I/O
-2 x Mic / Line Preamps, digitally controlled
-2 x Line / Instrument inputs, digitally controlled
-Word clock in or out (switchable)
-USB 2.0 (USB 3 compatible)

- Microphone Inputs 1-2:
-Input impedance: 5.4 kOhm
-Gain range: 75 dB
-Maximum input level, Gain 0 dB: +18 dBu
-Maximum input level, Gain 75 dB: -57 dBu

- Line Inputs 1-2:
-Input: TRS, electronically balanced
-Input impedance: 10 kOhm balanced, 5 kOhm unbalanced
-Maximum input level, Gain 0 dB: +24 dBu
-Maximum input level, Gain 75 dB: -51 dBu

- Line Inputs 3-4:
-Additional digital Gain stage: 0 up to +12 dB
-Maximum input level, +19 dBu, Gain 0 dB: Line +19 dBu, Inst +13 dBu
-Maximum input level, +13 dBu, Gain 12 dB: Line +1 dBu, Inst -5 dBu
-Input sensitivity switchable to +19 dBu and +13 dBu
-Input Gain Inst: +6 dB
-Input mode: Line balanced (TRS), Instrument unbalanced (TS)

- Line Outputs 1-6, rear :
-Dynamic Range (DR): 112 dB RMS unweighted, 115 dBA
-Maximum output level: +19 dBu
-Output: 6.3 mm TRS jack, servo-balanced
-Output impedance: 75 Ohm
-Output level switchable +19 dBu, +13 dBu, +4 dBu

- Line Inputs 5-8, rear:
-Signal to Noise ratio (SNR): 112 dB RMS unweighted, 115 dBA
-Input: 6.3 mm TRS jack, electronically balanced
-Input impedance: 8 kOhm unbalanced, 12 kOhm balanced
-Input sensitivity switchable to +19 dBu and +13 dBu
-Variable gain: 0 to +12 dB

- Stereo Headphone Output (7-8):
-Output: 6.3 mm TRS stereo jack, unbalanced
-Maximum output level at 0 dBFS, High: +19 dBu
-Maximum output level at 0 dBFS, Low: +4 dBu
-Output impedance: 1 Ohm
-Max power per channel @ 32 Ohm load, 0.1% THD: 210 mW (2.6 Vrms, +10.5 dBu)




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