Turbosound iQ15B

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15″, 3,000W (Peak) Powered Subwoofer with Klark Teknik Digital Signal Processing and Ultranet Connectivity

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If you’re looking for an easy way to add thumpin’ bass to your portable PA rig, then Turbosound’s iQ15B powered subwoofer is right up your alley. This 3,000-watt, 15″ subwoofer is a lot more then a bass-blasting machine. Loaded with cool features such as Klark Teknik digital signal processing and Ultranet digital audio connectivity, the iQ15B is high tech, but only in ways that actually make your job easier. What’s more, lightweight Class D amplifier technology combined with conveniently back-mounted castors also serve to make the iQ15B one of the most portable subwoofers in its class.

Class D Klark Teknik power amplifier provides high output and low weight

A decade ago, if you’ve have told anyone here at Sweetwater that we’d someday carry a 3,000-watt, 15″ powered subwoofer weighing under 70 lbs., we probably would have laughed out loud. But here it is, the Turbosound iQ15B, and it’s an amazing way to beef up your live sound rig. Add to that the fact that the iQ15B is under 2′ in any dimension and that it’s got integrated castors on back (so it still sits flat) and you’ve got yourself one truly portable workhorse sub.

Ultranet technology makes advanced integration with the rest of your gear easy

Now let’s focus on the technological side of the Turbosound iQ15B. The iQ15B features Ultranet communications connectivity via standard Cat 5 ethernet cable, which allows you to send digital signal to and from your Ultranet equipped mixer for maximum sound quality. If you’re already familiar with Ultranet, then you already know how powerful and easy to use it is. If not, call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer for a full explanation. On top of that, the iQ15B includes Klark Teknik digital signal processing, which provides total control over your sound, including extremely cool speaker emulation.

Flexible enough for live sound professionals, Durable enough for life on the road

Urtranet connectivity isn’t the only thing that makes the Turbosound iQ15B an extremely flexible live sound tool. A full-featured LCD interface and USB connectivity for software-based configuration make that aspect of the iQ15B totally easy to use. On an even more practical side, you get things like an integrated 36mm (1.417″) pole mount and Neutrik powerCON connectors to make configuring your iQ15B powered subwoofer with other gear a breeze. Top it off with a rugged powder coated grille and sealed birch plywood enclosure, and you can take your iQ15B on the road, worry free.


Specifikacija A front-loaded powered subwoofer that's perfect for portable PA and installation applications
3,000 watts (peak) of power features Klark Teknik Class D technology for maximum output with minimum weight
15" low-frequency driver with 4" voice coil and double suspension delivers a ton of output
Birch plywood enclosure provides incredibly punchy and focused bass
Klark Teknik digital signal processing provides total system control
Speaker modeling includes accurate models of industry standard speakers
Ultranet digital audio networking connects to mixers and other sources
Program settings via USB or with the onboard LCD
Semi-matt black paint finish and rugged powder-coated steel grille easily withstand life on the road
1.417" (36mm) pole mount supports satellite speakers and top boxes
Back-mounted castors make transportation easy but still provide you with a stable base
Two channel XLR combo inputs with XLR link outputs make audio connections easy
Chainable Neutrik powerCON connectors add security to your power




Turbosound iQ15B
Достапно со нарачка
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